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Electronic Imaging

Sutter Instrument Company:

Sutter is the premier US manufacturer of 2P imaging and electrophysiology equipment. Configurable 2 photon systems provide cost effective performance with innovative design. The Movable Objective Microscope (MOM) combines unique 3 dimensional objective positioning and open frame design for maximum in vivo flexibility and customization. Combined with a ti:sapphire laser, the MOM is configurable with galvo and/or resonant scanners, 2 or 4 PMT detectors, and compatible with a variety of photo-stimulation and electrophysiological systems. Illumination and wavelength selection devices include the DG-4 high speed galvanometer wavelength changer (ideal for Fura-2 calcium ratio imaging), Lambda 10 filter wheel systems, Lambda SC shutters, and Lambda VF tunable filters, xenon, plasma and LED light sources. Sutter sets the standard for reliability, support, and innovation.



Metamorph, Metafluor, and MetaVue

Metamorph is the gold standard for microscopy hardware control and image analysis. All major brands of motorized microscope stands and microscopy cameras are supported.
High speed triggering, laser merge module control, FRAP, TIRF, and patented Real Time Super Resolution with Waveform Display and automated laser power feedback are just a few examples of available hardware configurations. Standard and optional features include journaling, screening, multidimensional, scan slide, measurement, processing, line-scan and Kymograph functions. Analysis features in Metamorph can include Advanced Application Modules with patented Adaptive Background Correction.

89 North

89 North is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chroma Technology, and offers an array manufactured and imported Advanced Imaging, Illumination, and Emission systems.   Multiline laser merge modules, X-Light and X-Light V2 Confocal heads with optional VCS Super Resolution Module, and Multi-wavelength Emission Optical splitters provide advanced imaging capabilities.





Filters for fluorescence microscopy including ratio imaging, FRET, multiwavelength imaging, GFP, and FISH.





Hamamatsu is the undisputed leader in scientific sCMOS and EM-CCD camera technology.  Patented sCMOS Light Sheet Readout Mode synchronizes the rolling shutter with the illumination light sheet to eliminate stray light for improved signal-to-noise.


The new Gemini Split View Module provides simultaneous 2 camera acquisition using 2 wavelengths. Ultra-precise image alignment within an airy disk makes the splitter suitable for all applications including Super Resolution.  EM-CCD cameras continue to collect photons even at the lowest light levels and traditional interline and frame transfer CCD cameras offer cost effective imaging options.


HC Image Software

RPI is the New England distributor of HC Image, powerful and flexible acquisition, processing, and analysis software. The core software provides an economical, easy to use entry point, with sophisticated modules for multidimensional imaging, ratio imaging, FRET, motion tracking, and more.


Roper Scientific

Roper Scientific

Roper offers world class cameras and spectroscopy hardware for both physical and life sciences.  The combined engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise of Photometrics, Princeton Instruments, and Q-Imaging camera divisions provide unparalleled product development and solutions.  Backthinned sCMOS and CCD technology combined with advanced cooling and electronics translate into imaging detectors without compare.



Lumencor provides flexible and powerful LED illumination solutions for microscopy.  Replacing mercury arc lamps with white light LED or wavelength selectable LED light engines improves performance, reduces toxic mercury waste, saves money, and eliminates alignment issues.  The Spectra-X offers selectable wavelengths, high speed switching, high energy, and reliable performance.



    CooLED is a pioneer in advanced LED illumination with a wide range of cost effective solutions and advanced OEM capability.  The PE-4000 offers unprecedented 16 channel LED selection.


Prior Scientific



Motorized stages, focus drives, piezo Z Nano-positioners, filter wheels, laser autofocus systems, robotics sample handling systems, metal halide and LED illuminators, physiology platforms and micromanipulators.  Prior USA is located locally in Rockland MA.



Ludl is the premier source of microscope automation products.  Advanced motorized stages include a new linear motor stage, BioPrecision stages with optional rotary or linear encoders, Nano-positioning focus drives, filter wheels, and automated slide handlers.


ASI - Applied Scientific Instrumentation

Applied Scientific Instrumentation provides advanced, custom microscopy solutions.  Light sheet systems include the iSPIM and diSPIM selective Plane illumination techniques, and hardware platforms include the RAMM stand and fully configurable modular infinity microscope (MIM) components.  Motorized stages, focus drives, piezo Z systems, illumination control and hardware auto focus systems provide enhanced performance for most major microscopes.

PI (Physik Instrumente)

PI is the world’s leading producer of high precision piezo drives.  Custom XY stages and Z drives provide ideal solutions for precise single molecule imaging and high speed autofocus.

Polytec PI

High speed piezo focus motors for fast, high resolution Z axis focus capability.




Featuring Brightline Ion Beam Sputter Coated filters for arc lamp and laser based fluorescence.

Rapp Opto-Electronic Light Solutions

Rapp Opto-Electronic Light Systems is an industry leader in flash lamps, LED illumination and laser based illumination systems. Rapp offers high speed programmable spot illumination for FRAP, uncaging, mapping and photoactivation/deactivation.


AutoQuant Imaging, Inc.

Autoquant 3D Deconvolution software for widefield and/or confocal images can be configured with the new high speed GPU based processing module.  Deconvolution can be processed using blind (extrapolated) PSF or using a measured PSF.


Bitplane: Imaris

Imaris 3D and 4D rendering, visualization and measurement software for confocal and widefield microscopy image stacks. New Matlab and programming interface module now available.


PCO offers unique camera solutions for scientific imaging.  From high speed to high resolution, intensified detectors to the newest scientific sCMOS detectors, PCO provides an impressive array of imaging cameras to suit the most demanding applications.

Spot Imaging

Spot Imaging offers unique solutions for pathology and bioresearch imaging.  Color cameras are available for both pathology and brightfield microscopy.  Low light cameras for fluorescence imaging address applications including live cell imaging, FISH, and more.  Spot software and drivers for Metamorph are available for camera control and analysis.



    Dage-MTI manufactures HD and Ultra-HD cameras along with streaming hardware to share images with smart phone, tablets or CPU’s.  Three chip color cameras and extended IR detectors provide an extended range of solutions from pathology to neuroscience.


Andor Technology

Andor (an Oxford Instruments Co.) is a leading provider of scientific imaging cameras for spectroscopy, astronomy, and low light fluorescence microscopy.



Microinjection & Neuroscience Products



Sutter Instrument Company:

Sutter’s electrophysiology and micromanipulation systems continue to lead the industry in ergonomic control with precise, ultra-stable positioning.  Custom engineered stepper motors and precision cross-roller bearings provide years of reliable micromanipulator operation.  The new IPA amplifier and SutterPatch Data Acquisition and Analysis software provide a complete, cost effective electrophysiology configuration.  Sutter micropipette pullers continue to set new standards for quality, reliability and precision, backed by decades of refinement. 



Narishige Corporation:

    Micromanipulators, Hydraulic Micromanipulators, Joystick Micromanipulators, Stereotaxic Instruments, Chronic Manipulators, Micropipette Pullers, Microforges, Micropipette Bevelers, Magnetic Stands, Piezo Manipulators, Motorized Manipulators, Pneumatic Injectors, Patch Clamp Micromanipulators.

Molecular Devices:

    Axon Instrument microelectrode amplifiers, data acquisition, and data analysis products provide world class performance for advanced electrophysiology experiments.  The new Digidata systems offer optional hum silencers for superior performance.



    Dage-MTI offers the IR-1000 analog camera with separate gain and black level control for real-time contrast adjustment and video display of patch electrodes and membranes.  This camera offers exceptional performance and value for electrophysiology experiments.




    Hamamatsu’s 2/3” Near-IR CCD frame transfer head can be coupled with the Enhanced Camera Controller to provide exquisite user control over gain, black level, and edge detail for patch recording.
    This camera offers unprecedented clarity and performance.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation:

    Vibration Isolation Tables, Faraday Cages, Fixed Full Perimeter Enclosure, Table-Top Platforms, Table-Top Plates, PatchRig.

Harvard Apparatus


    Lumencor LED light engines offer an alternative to laser stimulation for targeted ion channels and enzymes.  Advances in wavelength and power output combined with cost advantages make LED’s a compelling choice for optogenetic experiments.



    CooLED is a pioneer in advanced LED illumination with a wide range of cost effective solutions and advanced OEM capability.  The PE-4000 offers unprecedented 16 channel LED selection.


Harvard Apparatus

Harvard Apparatus:

    Harvard Apparatus offers specialized electrophysiological equipment including the popular pico-injector series.



Fostec - Now Schott-Fostec LLC:

    Fiber Optic Illuminators, Light Guides, Filters, Polarizers, Power Supplies, Ring Lights.

Osram Sylvania

Osram/Sylvania Corp.:

    High Intensity Mercury Arc Lamps, High Intensity Xenon Arc Lamps, Microscope Replacement Lamps, Fiber Optic Illuminator Lamps, Halogen bulbs.


Eppendorf North America:

    High Precision Motorized Micromanipulators,
    Microinjectors, Femtotip Micropipettes


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